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Box Pending Collaborations

Used to retrieve all pending collaboration invites for this user.

Box Create Collaboration

Used to add a collaboration for a single user or a single group to a folder. Either an email address, a user ID, or a group id can be used to create the collaboration. If the collaboration is being created with a group, access to this endpoint is ...

Box Delete Collaboration

Used to delete a single collaboration.

Box Get Collaboration

Used to get information about a single collaboration. All collaborations for a single folder can be retrieved through GET /folders/{id}/collaborations. A complete list of the user???s pending collaborations can also be retrieved.

Box Update Collaboration

Used to edit an existing collaboration. Descriptions of the various roles can be found here.

Box Get File's Collaborations

Use this to get a list of all the collaborations on a file

Box Get Folder Collaborations

Use this to get a list of all the collaborations on a folder i.e. all of the users that have access to that folder.

Box Get Collaborations for Group

Retrieves all of the group collaborations for a given group. Note this is only available to group admins.

Instructure List members of a collaboration.

List members of a collaboration..

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